The Mortal Minute Exclusive: Clockwork Princess Book Tour, Barnes & Noble: LA The Grove with Special Guest Lily Collins and Director Harald Zwart 03/21/13


March 21,2013 was day many will remember as the ending of something beautiful and the begining of something we were waiting for a long time.

The Clockwork Princess Tour made a stop in Los Angeles, CA on March 21,2013. Fans from all over in California (and even a few fans from Tijuana, MX as myself) were gathered at the Barnes & Noble at The Grove in Los Angeles very early in the morning to get the latest book by Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Princess. The purchase of this book at the store, provided you with a wristband. Wristbands were lettered, and a few lucky fans, with Barnes and Noble Membership (You can purchase membership here) , got preferential wristbands.

IMG_8095 IMG_8105

After I got my copy of Clockwork Princess, and my Orange Letter A wristband, I proceeded to go and grab breakfast and kill some time before the event.


At 2pm, fans started to line up on the third floor inside Barnes & Noble, even though the event was scheduled at 7:00pm. The Mortal Instruments Fans are hardcore! (Not twilight hardcore, no offense). As fans gathered, Lita Weissman, the event coordinator, announced that our Director Harald Zwart was going to join Author Cassandra Clare and Actress Lily Collins on the Q & A session.


The Mortal Minute Founder at Barnes and Noble!


The Mortal Minute first to arrive at the Store!  


By 7:15pm fans where so excited to meet the 3 honored guests! As the time came, Lita announced that Cassandra Clare, Lily Collins and Harald Zwart were on their way.


Cassandra Clare Hot Bus Helpers (I still need their names or twitters)

Cassandra Clare was the first one to arrive, along with her Hot little bus helpers ( I’m on the mission to track their twitters, and ask them to travel the world with me and marry me, thank you very much ), followed by Lily Collins (Her mom was with her), and finally Our amazing director, Mr. Zwart.

They’re such amazing people, greeting fans as they made their way to take their seats. Before the Q & A started, they were interviewed by EXTRA (The clips are due to air sometime this week), really quick, and then they proceeded to start the Q & A session


Thanks to our lovely reader and fellow Shadowhunter Jasmine L. Albitos better known in the fandom as babyjazz1972, we have the full Q & A session! Thank You so much Jasmine for sharing these amazing videos.

Go check out Jasmine’s site for more videos and photos!!

Jasmine’s Tumblr!

Also a big shout out to BooktobigScreen, she has a cool video too covering the Q & A session from another angle.

The Q & A flowed beautifully, Cassandra Clare, Lily Collins and Harald Zwart answered Movie/Book related questions for about 30 minutes, and after a very good time of laughs and awww’s (Lily Collins blushes at every mention of Jamie Campbell Bower, not to mention the amazing things she says about her  “co-star”), Mr. Zwart and Ms.Collins  had to leave. Not without taking a few pictures with the amazing fandom as background (Pictures that where posted at the official MortalMovie instagram,Twitter and Facebook). We all said our goodbyes to our director and our Clary Fray.

The last part of the event, the signing, was about to start. But before the signing, Mrs.Clare needed a quick break, so before she left the event, she introduced us to the beautiful and lovely model of the Clockwork Princess model (I still need to know the name of the model) She was so sweet, and pretty. We got a glimpse of our own Tessa Gray!

Finally, the signing session started with 2 special guest. The Wonderful Sarah Rees Brennan, author of The Demon’s Lexicon and Unspoken. And Maureen Johnson, author of The Madness Underneath among other books. Let me tell you something, these ladies are hilarious. I had the idea to give them a cute Elvis Presley Card, and knowing Maureen Johnson is a very devoted Simon Lewis/Robert Sheehan fan, I wrote in the card (Elvis Was shirtless) ‘Not City of Shirtless Simon, but how about City of Shirtless Elvis?’ she responded (with a huge smile on her face) ‘Hey You speak my language girl, you speak my language’. Hilarious. And then Ms. Sarah Rees Brennan, (sweet lord I love her accent) loved my card and gave me a cute penny necklace. These ladies are amazing. I want them to be my best friends already!

Then my time with Cassandra Clare was next (also my time with her hot helpers), she was (as always) beyond adorable and kind. I gave her an Elvis Card too, then she proceeded to tell me she wished she was on a beach, she said something about her house being all covered in snow. She is amazing, she makes you think you are the only person who matters in that moment, even if you are the girl number 234934983248324, you are all that matters while she’s with you. And I adore that from her. My time with her was short, there were tons of other girls waiting, so as soon as my books were signed, I said my goodbyes to the one and only Cassandra Clare, and proceeded to leave. Fun fact was that, all attendees were given a The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones mini poster, and card. A rune pin and a little package with Cassandra Jean’s Tarot Cards. Freebies are always welcomed in this fandom. After that, I needed to leave quickly. I had a long drive ahead. But Still, I had time to see the long line of devoted fans outside Barnes and Noble. The line was long!

And finally, on my way to the Farmer’s Market Parking, I had the opportunity to spot the Clockwork Princess Tour Bus, I honestly wanted to steal that bus, I looked amazing! Exclusive pictures bellow!

In general, the day was amazing. I got to meet new people, I got to see how devoted to the series fans are, how much the fandom supports Lily Collins as Clary Fray, but the most important. I got to be at one of the first big events in the City of Bones promotion, which is kind of a good deal.

Literally, two worlds collided that day, it was an exciting, and sad day. Because it marked the ending of an era, that was it. The last book on the Infernal Devices (Clockwork Princess) was published, and of course it was a little of a bitter sweet goodbye to our favorite characters.

We still have plenty more books in the future by the amazing Cassandra Clare, but none of them in The Infernal Devices.

A big thanks to the amazing crew of Barnes and Noble, for having such events with cool authors like Cassandra Clare. Also a huge thank you to Lily Collins and Harald Zwart for stoping by, even if it was just for a little time, it meant the world to the fans.

Hope you liked the post. Comment and spread The Mortal Minute Love!

Pamela Pena (Site Founder)


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