The Mortal Minute Exclusive: Private Meet & Greet with Cassandra Clare and Mortal Instruments Cast at WonderCon March 30,2013

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On March 30, 2013, not only did The Mortal Minute have the amazing opportunity to cover The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones panel in Anaheim, Calif., but also was invited by Cassandra Clare to a private Meet & Greet with the cast after the panel. Finally, we are able to share this experience with you, as well of some very rare and exclusive photos. Here’s what The Mortal Minute has to say about the Meet & Greet. The Mortal Minute founder was also lucky enough to be one of the 5 lucky fans invited to a private Meet & Greet by Cassandra Clare herself.

It all began on March 29,2013, with a tweet from Cassandra Clare…


Obviously, my social social life involves my best buddies, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter. And, now, of course, my blog ‘The Mortal Minute. As soon as I saw that tweet, I replied with my email. I had an adrenaline rush, my heart was beating so fast, I had no Idea if I sent the tweet on time or anything. Then Cassandra Clare tweeted that she got the emails she needed. The waiting was literally killing me until Cassandra Clare sent me a DM…


Informing me that I was invited to a private Meet & Greet after The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones panel. The email I got, basically said that I had to give them my first born and the skin of 3 pink unicorns in order to be able to attend the private meet and greet (okay, im just kidding). Haha!!! Seriously, the email just gave me some instructions that I had to follow in order to be at the meet & greet, such as: I had to send them my full name and that a Sony Pictures representative was going to be waiting for me (and the other 4 winners) at the entrance of the ballroom where the meet and greet was going to be. I was so excited and freaked out at the same time.

March 30, 2013
Since I was driving all the way from Tijuana/MX, I had to wake up at 2 am. The drive was long and a little uncomfortable, but as the creeper I am, I didn’t even care. I was going to meet The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones cast.

By 6am, I was outside the Anaheim Convention Center, I honestly didn’t have a clue of what to expect, but definitely didn’t expect WonderCon to be that deserted. Not a single soul by that time. Around 7am I decided I should go to the Volunteer Desk (I didn’t purchase a badge, I signed up for the volunteer program, which meant: Free badge).

Around 8am, after the cute guy who was in charge of me lost me a few times, I finally got to work (A volunteer needs to work at least 3 hrs., before they let you go). I got to be at the Exhibit hall before everyone else, so as soon WonderCon officially opened, I saw a few ‘Shadowhunters’ lining up for the signing, and a few others went straight to the arena. I heard the signing line for The Mortal Instruments was crazy, and not everyone got wristbands.

By 11am I was off duty, so I went into the Arena to grab a seat and meet up with site sister founder, Tatiana and her cousin Sylvia. These ladies are so adorable, and so devoted to ‘The Mortal Instruments.’ Okay, I’m not going to lie, my seats were so crappy, I barely could see the main screen. But after the first 2 panels, people started leaving so I made my way up to the 5th row!

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Panel was flawless, I cannot describe how lucky/excited/freaked out I felt being there. It was a dream come true to be at the very first ‘TMI: City of Bones’ panel. As soon as the panel was over, Tatiana, Sylvia and I left the arena to go room 213 D, where a Sony Pictures representative was waiting for us. It took us about 10 minutes to find the room, but when we finally found it, we couldn’t believe the amount of people already lining up for the signing. The line was long, and everyone was so excited.

We asked security where we should wait, since we didn’t had a wristband because we were invited by Cassandra Clare to the meet & greet, and the security lady just said to us, ‘Oh you are the Twitter winners? You’ll have to wait for your escort at the back door’. And so we did, we waited. At that point I was almost shaking because I was so excited and so scared. But Tatiana and Sylvia were so nice, and started to make conversation so we could forget about our nerves. Fun fact is that people started to tell us ‘hey the back of the line is over there, you have to line up!’ Little did they know, we were special guests. Then our escort arrived. She was so nice to us, she asked for our names, double checked it on her list, and proceeded to congratulate us. She said Sony Pictures sent us a little gift (Paperback copy of City of Bones), and gave us a few simple rules. Basically, she told us everyone else wasn’t allowed to take pictures inside the signing area, but us (lucky ladies) we were allowed to, as soon long as we didn’t use a flash, everything was cool. No personal items signed (But if we already had with us another book, they would sign it), and finally, that we were going to get in first.

The Sony Pictures representative (sorry I forgot her name, but she was so nice to us) told us that the cast was amazing, that she had some time working with them and that they were the most normal, kind and adorable people in the world. That we should just chill out, and enjoy the moment.

Then the moment to go inside the room came, the first person I saw was Jill Tavelman (aka Momma Collins) Its amazing how she and Lily look-a-like.

They told us to line up, in order to get our stuff signed and also to have our chance to talk to the cast and Cassandra Clare. People told us, they were running a little late (something about photos being taken), and then the incredible trio and author extraordinaire made their entrance. I was so starstruck, I’m not going to lie, I forgot I had a camera in my hands and just stared at them. To see how Jamie Campbell Bower’s face light up as soon as he saw us, it was amazing. When Cassandra, Jamie, Lily and Kevin took their seats (and right after all of them said ‘hi and thank you for being here’) they called us to move the line, and start getting our stuff signed. I was last, actually so I had plenty of time to take a good (pervert) look. Cassandra Clare was beautiful, her hair/make up was perfect, and she looked so happy to see us there!, Jamie Campbell Bower (He was next to Cassandra) wouldn’t stop whispering/laughing with Lily Collins, they truly look so in love and so cute together. He also looked a little sick and really sleepy (rumor has it that he had about 24hrs without sleep, he had jetlag) He kept saying things like ‘oh my god, this is crazy. Can’t believe it, he looked absolutely handsome, (his skinny legs made me swoon), he was wearing the Morgenstern ring, and let me tell you something, his newest tattoo (the one that’s supposed to be for Lily) looked amazing.

Lily Collins is stunning, she is beautiful, everything about her is beauty (I think I have a girl crush on her), she was always smiling and at some point we made eye contact and she started laughing, and said ‘Hey how are you?’ at what I replied ‘ Hey!, im fine how about you?’ ‘im fine too, so happy you guys are here’. Kevin Zegers, two words people. HOT STUFF. He is handsome as hell, and those eyes, to die for.
As soon as the girls in front of me got their stuff signed, I noticed Sony Pictures, had another gift for us. A really big Mortal Instruments poster. I also noticed that Lily’s Mom was taking pictures of us, and of course of her daughter. She looked like a proud mom at her daughter’s ballet recital…adorable.

And then it was my turn. First, I got to say “hi” to Cassie, she said “hi” back to me, and asked me if I wanted my books and poster with my name or without it, so I just said ‘my name will be fine, Pamela’ and as soon as I said Pamela, she looked up and said ‘Pamela Pena?’.Holly shit, she remembered me! (I saw unicorns flying before my eyes)

‘Hey Pamela I know you!, did you get my DM on twitter?’
‘Yes, yes! Thank you so much for having me!’
‘Ah no problem, so glad you were one of the first to send their emails back. You are from Mexico right? Where in Mexico? (At that point Kevin, Lily and Jamie where just drinking water, and as soon as Cassie said ‘Mexico’ Jamie turned to listen to our conversation with his big blue excited eyes, I did notice him watching me so I just smiled at him and proceeded to answer.
‘Tijuana, Mexico actually. It was a long drive, I had to wake up at 2 am, but you guys are worth it!’
‘Daww, thank you for driving from so far away just to see us! Have a safe drive back to Tijuana okay?’
‘I will, Thank you Cassie. Bye!’
And then it was my turn to talk to Jamie Campbell Bower. 2 words, HOLY SHIT. He literally looks at you right in the eyes. And that accent. Oh god. Here’s what we talked about.

‘HI JAIME (weird pervert smile) How are you?’
‘Hey! Im good how are you darling?’
‘I’m fine thank you’
‘So you are Pamela, from Mexico right?’
‘Well thank you for being here’

Okay then he proceeded to sign my two books and my poster, he took about 2 minutes to finish his signature in just one of my books. He is so adorable, he concentrates so much in everything he does, and he is so devoted to the fans. He is literally our Jace Wayland-Lightwood-Morgenstern-Herondale. The whole time he was smiling at everyone in the room, and some of the girls got runes on their bodies, and literally he was naming all the runes. He loves Jace as much as we do. I didn’t know what to do with my hands, I was so nervous. I had planned a whole conversation with him in my head, that totally blew up, as soon as I saw his big blue eyes looking at me. So all I did, was to watch him sign my stuff, like the total pervert I am.

‘There you go’
‘Hey Jamie before I go, Can I have a hug?’ (I’m sorry, I know I’m a creeper, I saw my chance and I took it)
‘Absolutely yes Pamela, you can have a hug’
And then he stood up, (Holly Jesus Christ, he IS tall, hot and tall) with his arms wide open, and proceeded to hug me. About 5 things I was positive (yeah kill me now, I’m quoting ‘Twilight’) 1.There’s just something so handsome & heart-breaking about him. 2. He smells like heaven. No seriously he smells really, really good. (yeah I’m a pervert, I did smell him) 3. He gives the best hugs in the entire world (I don’t like hugs okay? I just don’t, but his hugs are amazing, strong and caring hugs). 4.THAT ACCENT, oh my God. The way he said my name its like a mixture of angels singing, kittens and pink unicorns 5. MR. JAMIE CAMPBELL BOWER, I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU. (Okay I’m done) Then I just said goodbye to him and next was Lily. By the time I got to say hi to her, she already signed all my stuff, so I just talked to her for a little while. We both said hi again, and told her I loved her in Mirror Mirror, and how beautiful she was, and she just said with a huge smile ‘Dawww, thank you Pamela, you are so nice’. I’m going to say that, right now I just want to punch myself, I didn’t even asked for a Hug, and I feel like a total dork because she was so nice, and honestly I don’t think Ill ever meet her again. So, YAY me.

And Finally, Kevin Zegers. Oh Kevin, my Canadian hot stuff. He has one of the most beautiful faces in the world, and those blue eyes. WOW. I will say that I was okay with him being Alec, I mean lets face it, Alec looks like a hot stripper, and I was okay, I only had eyes for Jamie Campbell Bower, but at the moment I met him, I instantly developed a crush on him. He was so nice, so handsome, he has this cute Canadian accent that was adorable. And he was smiling, the whole time.

‘Hi Kevin!’
‘Hi Pamela, how are you?’
‘I’m good, just a little tired’
‘Ah, just like all of us, so happy you are here with us’
‘Oh thank you!, hey Kevin, can I give you a hug before I go?’
‘Oh yes you can!’

Again, I was positive about 3 things: 1.He is so handsome. 2. He is a little bit shorter than Jamie, but definitely about 1inch taller than me (And I look like a garden gnome) 3. Oh my god. His hugs. I said goodbye and walked out of the room, I think I looked like a little deer with confused and scared eyes. But that’s okay I guess.

I wish I could have said thanks to Sony Pictures representative but after she escorted us inside the room, I didn’t know where she went. She was so nice to us so she deserves a BIG THANKS.

Another BIG THANKS, to my idol Cassandra Clare, for being so nice to her fans. For giving us the chance to attend this Private Meet & Greet with her and ‘The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones’ cast (Lily, Kevin and Jamie) and most importantly, for letting us be such big perverts with the cast. (hehe)

Thanks to the cast, for being such perfectly normal people with us, the fans. For reminding us that even though they’re bringing to life our favorite characters, they’re still people who care about others. And even when they’re becoming such huge Hollywood stars, they still have their feet on the ground. Thank You.

And finally, a BIG THANKS to Sony Pictures, not only because they brought us ‘The Mortal Instruments’ Panel, or because they gave us a book and a big poster. But because, without them, Cassie wouldn’t have had the chance to invite us backstage. Thank You guys you are simply the best.

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From left to right. Sylvia, Tatiana and Pamela (Site Founder)

 Exclusive set of Photos during the private Meet & Greet with the cast of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

By Pamela Pena (Site Founder)


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