MOVIEFONE: ‘The Infernal Devices’: Dream Casting ‘The Mortal Instruments’ Prequel

PicMonkey CollageThe Mortal Instruments: City of Bones is not due to hit theaters until August 23,2013 and our friends from Moviefone think it’s not to early to start fancasting The Mortal Instruments prequel The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Angel!

Here’s Moviefone picks for the main characters Tessa Grey, Will Herondale, Jem Carstairs.



The protagonist of “The Infernal Devices” trilogy, set in Victorian England, is Tessa Gray, a 16-year-old American orphan who travels to England to be with her older brother, only to discover she’s part of a sinister paranormal conspiracy, and worst of all, that she’s a supernatural being herself. She has slightly unruly brown hair, blue-gray eyes, and a slender, taller-than-average figure. In the absence of friends, Tessa finds solace in books; she is at her happiest in a well-stocked library.
Hailee Steinfeld
Age: 16 | Nationality: American
Why Her: The Academy Award nominee possesses most of the physical characteristics (brunette, tall, willowy) and has proven she’s got the skills to tackle both tough action sequences (“True Grit”) and sweeping teen romance (she’s Juliet in the latest adaptation of “Romeo and Juliet”). Plus, she’s actually a teenager and actually American (the majority of the characters are English).
Why Not: She already has a full slate of upcoming films, including two other YA projects: “Ender’s Game” (out Nov. 1) and a rumored starring role in Daniel Handler’s bittersweet tale of first love gone sour, “Why We Broke Up” (in development).
Alice Englert

Age: 18 | Nationality: Australian
Why Her: She’s almost exactly as Clare described Tessa – with the flowing brown locks, serious face, and piercing eyes that make her look alternately fierce or vulnerable. Although she’s not American, Englert has an excellent command of an American accent, and has plenty of experience with pulse-quickening kisses (“Beautiful Creatures”) and complicated love triangles (“Ginger and Rosa”).
Why Not: Despite the award-winning cast, “Beautiful Creatures” fell flat at the box office, so Alice may not be ready to follow another young adult franchise down the rabbit hole. The daughter of Oscar-nominated director Jane Campion, Englert seems more interested in independent projects.
One of two young men who vie for Tessa’s heart, Will is a 17-year-old Shadowhunter. Hailing from Wales, Will is the Shadowhunter Institute’s resident bad boy. He’s a fierce fighter skilled with an array of demon-slaying weapons, but he’s also a book lover (like Tessa) and a charming ladies’ man. Physically, Will is gorgeous with jet-black hair, deep blue eyes and a broad-shouldered, muscular body. Before meeting Tessa, the only person he’s completely connected to is his best friend Jem.
Douglas Booth

Age: 20 | Nationality: English
Why Him: Booth is a pro with costume dramas (“Great Expectations,” Romeo opposite Hailee Steinfeld in “Romeo and Juliet”) and if he can nail Romeo’s swoony lines, he can definitely handle Will’s swings from acid-tongued to hilarious to sweet. Plus, he’s as ridiculously handsome as Will is described.
Why Not: A rising star, Booth has several high-profile projects lined up, including Darren Aronofky’s “Noah” opposite Russell Crowe and Logan Lerman; Andy and Lana Wachoswki’s sci-fi thriller “Jupiter Rising” and “Life at These Speeds,” a coming-of-age running drama with AnnaSophia Robb and Billy Crudup.
Nicholas Hoult

Age: 23 | Nationality: English
Why Him: Black hair and blue eyes? Check. Ability to play funny, cocky, intense, romantic and fierce? Check. Looks good with a sword? Check. Clare’s followers frequently brought up Hoult’s name to play Alec Lightwood in “City of Bones” (Kevin Zegers snagged the part), and now many fans are hoping he’ll play Will. We can see why.
Why Not: Hoult might have YA or fantasy franchise fatigue after roles in “Warm Bodies,” “Jack the Giant Slayer,” “X-Men: First Class,” and the upcoming “Mad Max” reboot. Not to mention that he’s already got a half dozen movies coming up.

Jem is, like Will, an orphaned 17-year-old Shadowhunter who lives at the London Institute. Will’s best friend and blood brother, he also has a romantic interest in Tessa. Half Chinese, half English, Jem is slowly dying from demon poisoning but is kept alive by continued use of a drug made from demon blood (it’s complicated). The drug has turned Jem’s hair and eyes silver. Gentle and intelligent he’s tall, slender, and plays the violin. Despite his illness, he’s a skilled fighter.
Jordan Rodrigues

Age: 20 | Nationality: Australian
Why Him: The Malaysian-Australian actor is impressive as a dancing bad boy in the popular teen show “Dance Academy”, and his moves should make it easy to sling blades and fight demons as a graceful Shadowhunter. Attractive and charming, Rodrigues should easily play the kind and funny Jem. And as a bonus, it shouldn’t take any effort for Jordan – like most Australian actors to master an English accent.
Why Not: Physically, he’s not exactly as Jem from the books, but that’s never stopped casting directors before, nor should it.
Nick Roux

Age: 22 | Nationality: American
Why Him: Fans have suggested the television actor (ABC Family’s “Jane by Design” and Disney’s “Lemonade Mouth”) on blogs and Twitter, even though the California boy is clearly not Asian. One fan even pointed out that he has almond-shaped eyes that could “pass” for Jem.
Why Not: Because he’s not even part Asian, and author Cassandra Clare has expressed the importance of not “whitewashing” her characters.Jem is written as half-Chinese, and the actor who plays him should be at least that as well.
In my opinion its always best the unknown actors, but the movie is it’s early stages so who knows at this point! What you think? Sound off in the comments!
By Pamela Pena(Site Owner)

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