VOGUE PHOTO DIARY: Lily Collins Gets Ready For The Met Gala

PicMonkey Collagevogue lily collinsVogue Magazine has released a photo diaries of some celebrities getting ready for ‘PUNK: Chaos to Couture’ Exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Including The Mortal Instruments star Lily Collins and beau Jamie Campbell Bower (Miss Collins Met Gala Date) also makes an appearance in some of the photos.


Check the amazing black and white pictures:


5:03 P.M.

Lily Collins getting ready to go into hair and makeup.


5:30 P.M.

Taking in the view from her hotel room window. “I’m a huge people watcher,” says Collins. “And the hotel has these great floor-to-ceiling windows that look out onto the street, so that is where I waited while everyone was setting up.”


5:45 P.M.

“I was spoiled for choice,” Collins says of the Harry Winston rings she chose from to complete her look. “What’s normal about a guard coming to bring you jewelry? Nothing! Nothing is normal about that at all. It’s like a fantasy.”


5:48 P.M.

Both Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower, her date for the evening, getting the process started.


6:00 P.M.

“The look was not originally what I had in mind, but I thought: Why not go for it?” says Collins of her punk-rock makeup courtesy of Molly Stern. “I am so glad I did because the end result was incredible.” Her hair was done by Gregory Russell.


6:10 P.M.

The Moschino dress (and Jamie’s corresponding tux) was made especially for the actress. “I was sent sketches and we narrowed it down to two ideas,” she says. “But I didn’t actually try it all on until the day before. It was exciting, but stressful.”


6:20 P.M.

Collins ready to head to the car. “I felt like I was in character,” she says. “The look was this incredible mix of feminine and ethereal, but with a real hard edge.”


6:21 P.M.

The jacket came from the Moschino archives and was fitted for the actress on the spot.


6:25 P.M.

Lily and Jamie hop into the car and speed uptown to the museum.

getting-ready-lily-collins-07_184531479084 (1)


Every single picture is beautiful, I think I have a girl crush in Miss Collins! What you think? Sound off in the comments!


By Pamela Pena(Site Owner)


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