Cassandra Clare Shares New ‘City of Heavenly Fire’ Snippet

city of shit


Cassandra Clare teased us with yet another City of Heavently Fire Snippet in her Tumblr account. The final installment of the international bestselling The Mortal Instruments, out in March of 2014.

The snippet features Clary and Sebastian/Jonathan:

His eyes shone when he looked at her, green as spring grass.

He has always had green eyes, said the voice in her head.People often marvel at how much alike you are, he and your mother and yourself. His name is Jonathan and he is your brother; he has always protected you.

Somewhere in the back of Clary’s mind she saw black eyes and whip marks, but she didn’t know why. He’s your brother. He’s your brother, and he’s always taken care of you.

Shadowhunters, what you think? What are you theories?

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Teaser Art For The Magisterium Series

magisteriumShadowhunters, mark your calendars because we are getting more Cassandra Clare’s Books! Yes, its true.  2014 will be the year of the release of The Magisterium Series.

Magisterium, a five-book middle-grade series with “one book for each year of Call’s life between twelve and seventeen,” is co-written by Cassandra Clare and Holly Black. The Iron Trial, the first installment, will be published by Scholastic Books in 2014.

New teaser art for the Magisterium series can be found on miss Clare official Website.


Here is the synopsis for The Iron Trial:

Twelve-year-old Callum Hunt has grown up knowing three rules by heart. Never trust a magician. Never pass a test a magician gives you. And never let a magician take you to the Magisterium.

Call is about to break all the rules. And when he does, his life will change in ways he can’t possibly imagine.

The Film Rights for The Iron Trial where quickly snatched by Constantin Film, the studio that owns the film rights to The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices. Miss Clare and Miss Black will pen the screenplay and serve as executive producers.

What you think? Are you excited for The Magisterium Series?

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Cassandra Clare Talks ‘The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones’ Movie and ‘Magisterium’ Series With Bookish

magisteriumOur friends from Bookish had the chance to sit down and talk with Miss Cassandra Clare about The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones and the Magisterium series–that she’s co-writing with Holly Black in this new interview.

Bookish Interview:

“Ten years ago, Cassandra Clare was a “Harry Potter” and “Lord of the Rings” fan fiction writer. Now, she’s the bestselling author of “The Mortal Instruments”series, with the movie adaptation of the first novel, “City of Bones,” releasing in theaters August 23. Clare spoke with Bookish about the parts of “City of Bones” she was committed to keeping in the movie, the use of “mundane” in both her books and pop culture, her forthcoming “Magisterium Series” with Holly Black and her blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo.”


Bookish: “The Mortal Instruments” has several more mature jokes and darker themes–a departure from a lot of YA, which keeps things fairly clean. How does that more mature sensibility translate to the movie?

Cassandra Clare: It’s interesting, because you never know how something is going to be digitally realized until the director puts it on film. [The movie’s] got a very dark sensibility–gritty urban fantasy, which I really like.

Bookish: Are there any scenes in particular you feel express that?

CC: Yeah! I think that they did a great job with Magnus Bane’s party. And also the club scene that opens the book, where Clary and Simon first go to [Pandemonium], the first time she sees the Shadowhunters. For me, urban fantasy has always been about the marriage of modernity and fantasy, and I think that captures it very well visually in the film.

Bookish: How did you feel about Lily Collins getting cast? She’s a great actress but doesn’t look a ton like how Clary’s described in the books–redheaded, freckled. Was that difficult to adjust to?

CC: Lily is the only one I wasn’t involved in casting; she was attached to the project when Sony picked it up. I went and watched “The Blind Side,” and really loved her [in it]. And she actually does have freckles! As a person who’s covered in freckles myself, it’s one of those things where… If you’re a star in Hollywood they cover up the freckles with foundation whenever you do photo shoots and everything. And I was so happy, because she got those freckles in there, and I think they’re completely cute. You can see them a bit.

We’re really lucky to have [Collins in “City of Bones”]. Not only is she in every project going on right now–she’s one of the hottest young actresses in Hollywood–but she really was a big fan of the books before she started on the project, so she brought a lot to Clary in that way. I think that the reason they didn’t dye her hair bright red was she’d had her hair dyed for four different movie roles before that. They were going back and forth, like, “We could have her wear a wig, or we could put a red rinse on her hair, but we can’t really do the bleaching and dyeing, or it’ll all fall out.” I figured, you know, as long as she could capture Clary’s bravery and vulnerability, that was more important to me than the exact shade of red for the hair.

Bookish: Right, pick your battles.

CC: Exactly. [laughs] I would’ve felt really bad if her hair had fallen out and it would’ve been my fault!

Bookish: When Jamie Campbell Bower was announced as Jace, many fans were up in arms at first. If you check Tumblr now, they seem like they’ve accepted him, but what was that like initially?

CC: It was probably hardest on Jamie. He talks about it in interviews, but he took things to heart. It made me think about what it must be like as an actor. Because if you’re a writer and you write a story that’s rejected–well, they rejected your story. But as an actor, if you’re being rejected in some way, they’re rejecting the whole of you. It must be really difficult.

When I saw the reaction, I thought, “Well, I was kind of braced for this.” Jace is supposed to be the embodiment of your fantasy, what the boyfriend would be based on all my favorite literary characters. He’s supposed to be incredibly talented and incredibly funny and good-looking, so everyone’s got their different idea of what that looks like. So, you just have to remember that this happened when they cast Robert Pattinson in “Twilight,” and when they cast Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth [in “The Hunger Games”].

Bookish: It’s definitely one of those “you know you’ve made it” moments, when people get that bent out of shape.

CC: Yes! It’s one of those things where [you think], “Well, I guess it’s a good thing in disguise.”

Bookish: You started out as a fanfic author, writing the “Very Secret Diaries” series for “Lord of the Rings.” What’s been the biggest adjustment for you since you’ve developed your own avid fanbase, having once been such a huge fan of someone else’s work?

CC: When I was a big fan of “Lord of the Rings” and whatnot, you kind of think of these creations as not having been created by a person so much as existing; they feel real to you. To be on the other side of it, you think, oh my gosh, these stories were created by just one person–in this case, me–and it’s strange. You’re like, “Oh, it’s not that it was created by a faceless conglomerate, it’s actually the work of individual people.” Also, having been a fan, I come to it sometimes from a fan’s perspective: “If I were a fan of this material, what would I want? Would I want to see scenes that were cut from the material? Would I want a sneak peek of the next book, or drawings of characters?”

Looks like great things await for miss Cassandra Clare and Miss Holly Black!!!! What you think? Are you excited for Miss Clare new projecs?? Sound off in the comments!

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Cassandra Clare To Sign ‘The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones’ Movie Tie-Ins On Friday, May 31

PicMonkey CollageLast month it was annouced that our queen and writer extraordinare would be signing copies of the ‘City of Bones’ movie tie-ins at Book Expo America (BEA). Now Book Expo America has  released the official signing schedule.

Miss Cassandra Clare will be signing on:

Friday, May31 from 3 pm – 4 pm at Table 5.



Autographing Session: Cassandra Clare

Date: Friday, May 31
3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Location: Table 5

Author/Participant:Cassandra Clare

Soon to be a major motion picture in theaters August.


City of Bones (move tie-in edition) Soon to be a major motion picture in theaters August. -Published By: Simon & Schuster 07/13

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Cassandra Clare Takes Over Tumblr To Share ‘City of Heavenly Fire’ Snippet Featuring Characters From Dark Artifices

PicMonkey CollagecassieMiss Cassandra Clare took over her Tumblr page to share a spoilery snippet of the upcoming conclusion to the international bestselling The Mortal Instruments out early next year.

The snippet features new characters we’ll next see in The Dark Artifices, coming March 2015:

A moment later, Helen had returned; she was walking slowly now, and carefully, her hand on the back of a thin boy with a mop of wavy brown hair. He couldn’t have been older than twelve, and Clary recognized him immediately. Helen, her hand firmly clamped around the wrist of a younger boy whose hands were covered with blue wax. He must have been playing with the tapers in the huge candelabras that decorated the sides of the nave. He looked about twelve, with an impish grin and the same wavy, bitter-chocolate hair as his sister.

Jules, Helen had called him. Her little brother.

The impish grin was gone now. He looked tired and dirty and frightened. Skinny wrists stuck out of the cuffs of a white mourning jacket whose sleeves were too long for him. In his arms he was carrying a little boy, probably not more than two years old, with the same wavy brown hair that he had; it seemed to be a family trait. The rest of his family wore the same borrowed mourning clothes: following Julian was a brunette girl about ten, her hand firmly clasped in the hold of a boy the same age: the boy had a sheet of tangled black hair that nearly obscured his face. Fraternal twins, Clary guessed. After them came a girl who might have been eight or nine, her face round and very pale between brown braids.

The misery on their faces cut at Clary’s heart. She thought of her power with runes, wishing that she could create one that would soften the blow of loss. Mourning runes existed, but only to honor the dead, in the same way that love runes existed, like wedding rings, to symbolize the bond of love. You couldn’t make someone love you with a rune, and you couldn’t assuage grief with it, either. So much magic, Clary thought, and nothing to mend a broken heart.

“Julian Blackthorn,” said Jia Penhallow, and her voice was gentle. “Step forward, please.”

Julian swallowed and handed the little boy he was holding over to his sister. He stepped forward, his eyes darting around the room. He was clearly scouring the crowd for someone. His shoulders had just begun to slump when another figure darted out onto the stage. A girl, also about twelve, with a tangle of blond hair that hung down around her shoulders: she wore jeans and a t-shirt that didn’t quite fit, and her head was down, as if she couldn’t bear so many people looking at her. It was clear that she didn’t want to be there — on the stage or perhaps even in Idris — but the moment he saw her, Julian seemed to relax. The terrified look vanished from his expression as she moved to stand next to him, her face ducked down and away from the crowd.

“Julian,” said Jia, in the same gentle voice, “would you do something for us? Would you take up the Mortal Sword?”

I’m guessing this is part of the parabatai ceremony of Emma and Jules. What are your theories? Sound off in the comments!

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SNEAK PEEK: ‘The Bane Chronicles: The Runaway Queen’ On Shadowhunters App

PicMonkey Collagerunawayqueen

The second installment of The Bane Chronicles: The Runaway Queen is set to be released on May 21, and now fans can get a sneak peak on the official Shadowhunters app.

The Runaway Queen is written by Miss Cassandra Clare and Madame Maureen Johnson while George Blagden will narrate the audiobook.

You can read the snippet here:


June, 1971

There was a smell to Paris in the simmer mornings that Magnus enjoyed. This was surprising, because on summer mornings Paris smelled of cheese that sat int he sun all day and fish and the less desirable parts of fish. It smelled of people and all the things that people produce (this does not refer to art or culture, but to the baser things that were dumped out of windows in buckets). But these were punctuated by other odors, and the odors would shift rapidly from street to street, or building to building. That heady whiff of a bakery might be followed by an unexpected flush of gardenias in a garden, which gave way to the iron-rich pong of a slaughterhouse. Paris was nothing if not alive–the Seine pumping along like a great artery, the vessels of the wider street, narrowing down the tiniest alleys…and every inch of it had a smell.


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Cassandra Clare Shares First ‘The Dark Artifices: Lady Midnight’ Snippet

LADY MIDNIGHTCassandra Clare took over her official site, to share the very first snippet for her upcoming book ‘The Dark Artifices: Lady Midnight’.

“The cycle hit the beach and spun out. Emma went into a rolling crouch as she flew free of it, keeping her elbows in, pushing the air hard out of her lungs. She turned her head as she hit the sand, slapping her palms down to roll herself forward, absorbing the impact of the fall through her arms and shoulders, her knees folding up into her chest. The stars wheeled crazily overhead as she spun, sucking in her breath as her body slowed its rolling. She  came to a stop on her back, her hair and clothes full of sand and her ears full of the sound of the wildly crashing ocean….”

This is what we know about ‘The Dark Artifices: Lady Midnight’:

“Los Angeles, 2012. It’s been five years since the events of the Mortal Instrumentswhen Nephilim stood poised on the brink of oblivion and Shadowhunter Emma Carstairs lost her parents. After the blood and violence she witnessed as a child, Emma has dedicated her life to the eradication of demons and being the best, fastest and deadliest teen Shadowhunter since Jace Lightwood. Raised in the Los Angeles Institute, Emma is paired as a parabatai with her best friend, Julian. As Emma hunts those who caused the death of her parents, the trail they’re following leads back to those they’ve always been taught to trust. At the same time, Emma is falling in love with the one person in the world she’s absolutely forbidden by Shadowhunter Law to love. Set against the glittering backdrop of present-day Los Angeles, Emma must learn to trust her head and her heart as she investigates a demonic plot that stretches from the warlock-run nightclubs of the Sunset Strip to the enchanted sea that pounds the beaches of Santa Monica.

The first book of the Dark Artifices, Lady Midnight will be published in 2015. There will be three books in total: Lady Midnight, The Prince of Shadows, and The Queen of Air and Darkness.”

Can’t wait to get my heart riped in a million pieces in 2015!!!

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Cassandra Jean Master of Feels, Talks Artwork,The Mortal Instruments and Shadowhunter Tarot Cards

PicMonkey Collage (87) (1)We had a chance to talk with Miss Cassandra Jean, our very own ‘Master of Feels’ about her collaboration with Cassandra Clare in ‘The Shadowhunter Tarot Cards’ Project which every day for the next 84 days Miss Clare will be sharing the complete deck in her Tumblr page.

Here is our exclusive interview with miss Jean, in which she talks about a herself, her artwork, Cassandra Clare, the ‘Shadowhunter Tarot Cards’, her favorite character in the series and officially being part of The Mortal Instruments Family.

Cassandra Jean (The squirell?)

Cassandra Jean (The squirrel?)

1.Cassandra, how are you?

Hey! I’m doing great, thanks! It’s hard to be anything but great now that it’s finally spring.

2. A little personal question, how old are you?

I’m 26…. I think… Dang am I really 26 already? To be honest I stopped counting after 21.

3. Are you a college graduate?

Yes, I graduated from the Ringling College of Art & Design in Florida. I majored in Illustration.

4. How long have you been creating such beautiful art?

Flatterer. If you’re asking how long I’ve been drawing. I have been into art since I was in elementary school. But I personally wouldn’t say my work was -wonderful- until I went to college.

5. When you started drawing, did it ever cross your mind that so many people would love your artwork?

Not really. I mean, I had always hoped that people would like my work. I’m pretty sure that’s what everyone hopes for. But I didn’t expect it. I’m really thrilled though that everyone seems to be loving what I’ve been drawing lately, nothing encourages me and inspires me more than knowing people appreciate what I’m working so hard to create.

6. I know that you created the work in The Beautiful Creatures Manga, how do you feel about that?

I’m really pleased with how the Beautiful Creatures Manga turned out! That story was awesome, and I loved the characters, so I had a blast working on it. And it’s my first book that has actually been on book store shelves. I can’t tell you how exciting it was to see it in Barns&Noble, and Yen Press did a marvelous job with the printing. (HARDCOVER! WOO HOO!)

7. How did you come up with the idea of drawing The Mortal Instruments/The Infernal Devices characters?

I don’t know, it’s just that I enjoyed the books and the characters so much that I wanted to draw them. Art is how I express myself. I’m not a very talkative person, and I’m not much of a writer myself, so when I really enjoy something, or want to share an idea, I share it through art. So when I read a book I enjoy and the characters fill up my mind, I feel like I have to draw them!

8. How did you end up collaborating with Cassandra Clare?

Hmmm well, first it started off with the Shadowhunter Codex. She saw my fanart on Tumblr (I think it was my Will Herondale fanart that she liked) and hired me to do some drawings for the Codex. I guess she found me easy to work with, or liked my art enough, because she then hired me to draw the portraits of the actors from The City of Bones (as gifts for the actors when she visited the set). And some time after that, approached me with the idea of drawing the Dark Artifice characters as tarot cards.

9. How did you come up with the idea of drawing a full set of Tarot Cards  ?

It was Cassandra Clare who mentioned tarot cards first. She was looking for a way to introduce the characters from her new series “The Dark Artifices” and thought it would be a cool idea to draw the characters in tarot-card style. So originally it was just going to be about six or seven cards. But then I tempted her to do more (why stop there? Why not do the whole deck?!) And voila, an entire set of Tarot Cards. At least I think it was my idea to continue, I kind of forget now…. There has been a lot of talking back and forth about it.

10. Fans are always creating theories, about everything. Some say there’s clues hidden in your drawings of the Tarot Cards(For example, that infinite sign on top of Jace’s and Magnus heads in one of the cards) is it true?

Oh gosh guys! Don’t analyze the cards too closely!! It’s true, that there are some clues in the cards. (Hint: check the background scenery of the Jace & Alec parabati card) But not everything is. Cassandra Clare has been with me every step of the way with the Tarot Deck. So if I draw something or someone incorrectly, she will point it out to me and I’ll fix it. So the depictions of the characters and scenes are as close as possible. But there was some wiggle room for a little artistic license.  Some of the things that stand out in the cards might actually just be my homage to the original Rider Tarot Deck. Those infinite signs are in the original Rider cards. In the magician card (which is Magnus’ card) the Mage has an infinite halo over his head. The same goes for the Strength card that Jace is on. That’s all, not a big secret or anything! I used some of the same symbolism from the traditional Rider tarot deck in order to tie them all together.

11. Even before Clockwork Princess was published, Cassandra Clare released a few of your draws and Tarot Cards based on the book, how you were able to make those, without reading the book?

Well, she described the scenes to me. They were pretty big spoilers and she totally teased me with them before finally telling me, but she told me what I needed to know in order to draw the images. But even so, there were a couple of cards I had to redraw after reading the book, once I knew more details. (ahem, the Brother Zachariah card).

12. Usually, how long does it takes you to draw a Tarot Card (or any TMI//TID related draw)?

I would say… an hour to two hours? It really depends on the drawing. If it has multiple characters, a complicated background, or a lot of color, it will take me much longer. But I’ve always worked fairly quickly, really. So I guess the average would be like I said, between an hour to two hours. Usually not much longer than that.

13. What’s your favorite character to draw?

Will Herondale is my favorite to draw. I’m not sure why, but I feel like I have the best grasp on his looks. He makes any drawing look good. Maybe it’s his hair? I like his messy black hair…. hm.

14. What’s your favorite Tarot Card so far?

My favorite card is the Max Lightwood card. (He’s the Five of Runes.) It’s not a very happy card, but I liked it the moment I was finished drawing it. I also really, -really-, loved drawing the Jem/Tessa card. (The Ten of Runes.) I know it’s caused a lot of drama, but I was so touched when Cassandra Clare described the card and the scene for me. I was grinning and crying it was so sweet and wonderful. And I’m pleased with how the card turned out, I think I did the best I could with that scene. I’m also pleased with the Eight of Rings card, but I can’t say who is on it….

15. Whats your favorite book in TMI/TID?

That’s hard! UH…. I guess… City of Glass, I think, is my favorite. It’s hard for me to pick favorites out of a series though, since it’s the overall story that I love so much.

16. While drawing the tarot cards, there was one specific tarot card that made you cry?

THE JEM/TESSA CARD! I cried. But they were tears of joy. I was just so -happy- for them. Especially for Jem.

17. Cassandra Clare said once, that the full tarot card set might be on sale at some point. Are you excited/ready to join the Mortal Instruments merchandise madness?

I am incredibly excited. And kind of shaky and nervous. I really hope that we are able to sell the deck to you guys. And I really REALLY hope y’all like all the cards. I know how much everyone loves these characters, I don’t want to disappoint anyone. I might be a little bit terrified.

18. What you think about officially being a part of The Mortal Instruments/Cassandra Clare family?

I couldn’t be happier! It’s really sweet how Cassandra Clare is willing to include me in things. Letting me read some things ahead of time and encouraging me to do artwork for it. She’s a total sweetheart. An absolute pleasure to be associated with in any way!

Thanks You so much Miss Cassandra Jean ‘Master of Feels’ for taking the time to answer this CSI-Like questions for our little site! Here in The Mortal Minute, you have a very special place in our hearts!








Did you check out question number 10?? Sound off in the comments!

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Cassandra Clare Shares First Synopsis For ‘City of Heavenly Fire’

PicMonkey Collage (80)

Miss Cassandra Clare has shared in her official site the first synopsis of City of Heavenly Fire, the conclusion of Miss Clare’s international bestselling novels The Mortal Instruments.



I am coming.

Darkness returns to the Shadowhunter world. As their society falls apart around them, Clary, Jace, Simon and their friends must band together to fight the greatest evil the Nephilim have ever faced: Clary’s own brother. Nothing in the world can defeat him — must they journey to another world to find the chance? Lives will be lost, love sacrificed, and the whole world changed in the sixth and last installment of the Mortal Instruments series!”

The Mortal Instruments: City of Heavenly Fire estimated release is March/April 2014 until we hear a confirmed date.

What are your theories for the last installment of The Mortal Instruments? Sound off in the comments!

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George Blagden Records ‘The Bane Chronicles: The Runaway Queen’ Audiobook

PicMonkey Collage (79)

Mr. George Blagden, the (hot) narrator of the second installment of The Bane Chronicles, The Runaway Queen, shared a photo of him in the recording studio on his twitter account.




The Bane Chronicles: The Runaway Queen, written by Cassandra Clare and Maureen Johnson, will be available on both eBook and audio format on May 21,2013

You can pre-order The Runaway Queen on Amazon 

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